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Buy magic mushrooms

Look no further, if you’ve ever wondered how you can make magic mushrooms taste better. This step-by-step guide describes how the ultimate psychedelic brew uses dried or fresh magic mushrooms/truffles to make magic tea.

Let’s face it; they don’t taste fantastic because of all the mystical awareness and inner contemplation offered by magic mushrooms or truffles. The taste is tolerable at times, although it can be an extremely bitter pill to swallow at other times. Fortunately, there are no limitations to the variety of magic mushrooms, and with a small amount of preparation, they can be added to tea as a quick but highly effective alternative to large-dose chewing.

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There are two benefits of magic mushroom tea. When drunk, not only does the drink (usually flavored with honey) suppress some of the metallic flavor, but magic mushroom tea can also help alleviate nausea. It is a fibrous material, called chitin, that causes feelings of nausea and discomfort when magic mushrooms are eaten. We siphon off what we need with tea and leave behind the chitin!


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